Crayons Series/FLORIM

Fapnest, A versatile, dynamic, new material suitable for clothing any domestic environment according to one’s own style and personality. The different surfaces are the perfect solution even for commercial applications with medium to low footfall. Crayons, the world of large-size ceramic tiles welcomes colour: eight pastel shades designed to create vibrant and balanced compositions, in perfect accord with each other and with the surroundings. From dusty Fifties-inspired shades, such as milk, taupe, hazelnut, pink, straw and sky blue to bolder hues like dusty grey and moss green, all perfectly suited to creating environments with a retro vibe and a contemporary character. The surfaces in the collection may be combined together, as well as utilized in conjunction with the other collections by the same brand.
Crayons Buttercream Porcelain Tile 16x48
Crayons Primrose Porcelain Tile 16x48
Crayons Old Lace Porcelain Tile 16x48
Crayons Hazelnut Porcelain Tile 16x48
Crayons Milk Porcelain Tile 16x48
Crayons Mist Porcelain Tile 16x48
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